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VP Racing Fuels Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant
VP Racing Fuels Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant (case of 4)

VP Racing Fuels Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant

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Stay Frosty is a proprietary VP Racing Fuels coolant formulated for high-performance motorcycle and street engines that require additional protection from overheating and minimal freeze protection. It contains a specialized blend of wetting agents and propylene glycol that improve coolants ability to transfer heat away from high temperature cylinder heads.

Operating temperatures of engines are reduced by up to 25 degree F compared to conventional glycol-based coolant. This increases the density of the air/fuel mix and allows ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation-resulting in more power and torque.

  • Ready-to-Use Premix High-Performance Engine Coolant
  • Contains wetting agents for better cooling
  • Non-toxic Propylene Glycol freeze protection
  • Reduces cylinder head temps by up to 25 degrees F
  • Maximizes horsepower and torque
  • Protects all metals from corrosion/electrolysis, including aluminum
  • Prevents scales/deposits that reduce heat transfer
  • 64 oz
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