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VP Racing Fuels VP Classic Racing Oil 20W-50
VP Racing Fuels VP Classic Racing Oil 20W-50 (case of 12)

VP Racing Fuels VP Classic™ Non-Synthetic Racing Oil SAE 20W-50

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VP Traditional Non-Synthetic Racing Oils are design for use in high-performance competition engines under extreme load, torque, and high-temperature conditions. These oils provide an aggressive base oil layer, as well as enhanced levels of ZDDP to protect engine parts against shock load and alcohol blow-by.

  • SAE 20W-50 multi-viscosity racing oils are designed for turbocharged and non-turbocharged gasoline race and street engines. These oils can be used for dirt, mud, drag, and classic car applications where an SAE 10w-30 or SAW 20w-50 non-synthetic racing oil is recommended.
  • SAE20W-50
  • Do NOT mix oil additive supplements with this product.
  • Not designed to be used with catalytic converters.
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