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Stilo ST5 GT Carbon Helmet
Stilo ST5 GT Carbon Helmet

Stilo ST5 GT Carbon Helmet - SA2015

STIAA0700AF1M-S55 (Not in stock)


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The Stilo ST5 GT Carbon Helmet is Snell 2015 certified and is FIA approved. Available with integrated electronics, air supply and hydration (drinking system) or any combination of the three, this helmet offers flexibility for your racing comfort.  There are no wires or hoses hanging down below the helmet -- everything integrates seamlessly with the shell of the helmet.

  • Carbon Fiber
  • Snell SA2015
  • MPN:  AA0700AF1M


  • ST5 GT Carbon Helmet
  • Standard ear cushions
  • M6 nut integrated into the shell for interfacing with head and neck restraints
  • Clear visor

The Stilo GT5 Carbon Helmet is also available with earmuffs that provide a significantly quieter environment for the driver by aurally isolating the ear. The pressure upon the head can be adjusted by replacing the special foam rubber pads placed between the earmuff and the helmet. The unique shape of the earmuffs ensures they stay in place and do not make the helmet difficult to put on or take off.

Visor Options - The ST5 GT Carbon Helmet comes with a 3 mm clear visor for the absolute best in protection. For spares, you may choose from Clear, Yellow, Smoked and Iridium shields for driving in different lighting conditions. All Visors mount with two specially machined aluminum fasteners and provide an air-tight seal with the rubber grommet on the helmet.

Aerodynamics - Front, rear, and IndyCar aero kits are available as add-ons.

FHR Posts - M6 nut pre-installed for easy FHR Installation.

Size Chart

Two Shells - Stilo has two separate shell sizes for this helmet. This allows us to make a better-fitting helmet that is lighter weight. Instead of filling a very large shell with lots of padding for a size small, we have one shell size for extra small to medium, and one for large and XL. 

Stilo Helmet Size Chart