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SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arm Adjustable Strut 94215 - Mustang

SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arm Strut 94215 - Mustang

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Modernize your 1964.5 to 1966 Ford front suspension by installing an adjustable upper control arm and adjustable strut rod from SPC. SPC has built 3˚ of caster into the upper arm to improve return to center with today's radial tires. The adjustable strut rod features low durometer OE-style bushings to protect the chassis mount and allows for easy caster adjustment, similar to later Ford vehicles. The camber curve has been optimized by building Shelby Drop geometry into the billet aluminum cross shaft. Camber can be adjusted by positioning the ball joint plate to -1°, 0°, or +1° and kit includes .25° and .50° shims for fine-tuning. Use this arm with either an OE style spring/shock or an aftermarket coilover kit. SPC's arm comes equipped with a stock style ball joint and all of the mounting hardware.

  • Front Adjustment Range: Camber -1.00° to +1.75°* Caster +1.00° to +5.00°*
  • *When combined with factory adjustment
  • Installation time: 1.5 hr/side
  • Required: 1 kit per wheel
  • 1964-66 Ford Mustang