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SPC Adjustable Caster Rod 94220 - Mustang

SPC Adjustable Caster Rod 94220 - Mustang

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If you are running modern radial tires you should not follow factory alignment specifications for caster, SPC recommends 3˚ of caster to promote return to center steering. Stock strut rods on 1st generation Mustangs are non-adjustable and often have worn bushings that can cause unwanted movement of the lower rod assembly and poor handling.

A must for early Mustangs, SPC's adjustable caster rod features low durometer OE-style bushings to protect the chassis mount from damage and has easy caster adjustment. This adjustable strut rod will provide the positive caster needed for improved tracking and modern geometry. If you want additional caster or want to adjust camber, check out SPC control arm kit # 94215.

  • Front Adjustment Range:
  • Caster ±2.00°
  • Installation time: .5 hr/side
  • Required: 1 kit per wheel
  • 1964-66 Ford Mustang