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Simpson C5R Head Containment Net

Simpson C5R Head Containment Net

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SFI 37.1 Rated. Simpson C5R Head Containment Net Kits with extra long straps are easy to install.  This is one of our most popular Polyester right side head containment nets kits in NASA and BMWCCA.  They are available in right side and left side.

The C5R Side-Impact Head Net by Simpson is made with 1-inch Poly material. This allows for better visibility compared to 2-inch wide webbing. It has longer straps with a ratcheting adjuster to keep the net extremely tight and reach the cage in bigger cars. The net is made taller to incorporate the head and shoulders in the event of an accident. Nets designed for sprint cars may be too short in comparison to the C5R net.  It is made with the same quick release buckle found on Simpson Head and Neck restraints.
  • Available in left or right side (of driver's helmet)
  • Made with 1" Poly material
  • Metal quick release connector for quick exit
  • Quick mount 3-Bar adjusters for easy installation
  • Takes the weight of your helmet in the turns
  • Helps prevent injury in a side impact
  • SCCA recommended and/or required
  • NASA and Grand Am Required
  • Works very well in all sedans and coupes
  • Made in the USA
  • SFI 37.1 Rated
  • Available in Black only
  • MPN: DN.C5R.RP (right side) and DN.C5R.LP (left side)