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Schroth 6-Point Profi 2x2 Camlock Harness Pull-Up Lap SR 91152PU O-6

Schroth 6-Point Profi 2x2 Camlock Harness SR91152PUO-6 Pull-Up Lap

SRBSR91152PUO-6 (2 in stock)

Schroth Racing

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The Schroth 6-Point Profi 2x2 Camlock Harness has pull-up lap adjustments and is Hans ready.  This new generation of affordable harnesses has 2-inch webbing which is less bulky and easier to use with head and neck restraint systems. 

  • Profi 2x2
  • 6-Point 
  • Camlock
  • Pull-up adjustments
  • Wrap-around
  • Hans ready
  • SFI 16.1
  • Color: Black
  • MPN: SR91152PUO-6
Product Line
Profi 2x2
FIA Approved
Number of Points
6 Point
Shoulder Style
Lap Belt Ends
Wrap Around
Lap Belt Mount
Roll Bar
Lap Belt Width
2 in
Lap Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Up
Shoulder Belt Ends
Wrap Around
Shoulder Belt Mount
Roll Bar
Shoulder Belt Width
2 in
Shoulder Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Anti Submarine Belt Ends
Wrap Around
Anti Submarine Belt Width
2 in
Latch Style