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Pyrotect UltraSport Duckbill Helmet - SA2020 - Flat Gray
Pyrotect UltraSport Duckbill Helmet - SA2020 - Flat Black
Pyrotect UltraSport Duckbill Helmet - SA2020 - White

Pyrotect UltraSport Duckbill Helmet - SA2020

PYRHG613220 (1 in stock)

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The Ultra Sport Duckbill is constructed using a carbon composite weave that is vacuum bagged and autoclave cured.  The large eyeport provides exceptional visibility with superior aerodynamics.  The interior system has 6 pads which allows resizing for a perfect fit, while the innovative headliner offers improved heat transfer. Meets Snell SA2020 specifications.  Offered in flat black, gray or white, this helmet comes complete with clear polycarbonate shield.

  • UltraSport Duckbill
  • Full face helmet with large eyeport
  • Carbon composite weave
  • 6-pad interior system allows resizing
  • Innovative headliner offers improved heat transfer
  • Head and Neck Support ready
  • Clear polycarbonate shield is included
  • Available in Flat Black, Flat Gray or White
  • Snell SA2020

Size Chart

Pyrotect Helmet Size Chart


  • Small, Flat Black (HB611220)
  • Medium, Flat Black (HB611320)
  • Large, Flat Black (HB611420)
  • XL, Flat Black (HB611520)
  • 2XL, Flat Black (HB611620)
  • 3XL, Flat Black (HB611720)
  • Small, Flat Gray (HG612220)
  • Medium, Flat Gray (HG612320)
  • Large, Flat Gray (HG612420)
  • XL, Flat Gray (HG612520)
  • 2XL, Flat Gray (HG612620)
  • Small, White (HW610220)
  • Medium, White (HW610320)
  • Large, White (HW610420)
  • XL, White (HW610520)
  • 2XL, White (HW610620)
  • 3XL, White (HW610720)