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NTK OE Identical Oxygen Sensor 21006 - Acura/GM

NTK OE Identical Oxygen Sensor 21006 - Acura/GM

NGK21006 (2 in stock)

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Thimble type sensors feature a ceramic element that projects into the exhaust system and becomes electrically conductive at high temperature. The sensor element then sends voltage signals back to the engine management system to regulate the air to fuel ratio, for optimum efficiency. All NGK/NTK oxygen sensors are platinum coated for durability and are individually tested to guarantee quality.

  • Connector Type: Specific
  • Heated: Yes
  • Mounting Type: Threaded
  • Thread Diameter: 18mm
  • # Wires: 4
  • Wire Length: 343mm/13.5"
  • MPN: 21006


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