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Nismo Competition Oil 2108E 0W30
Nismo Competition Oil 2108E 0W30

Motul NISMO Competition Motor Oil 2108E 0W30

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Motul NISMO Competition motor oil 2108E is a fully synthetic racing lubricant, specially developed for naturally aspirated (NA) competition engines such as the VQ35DE and VQ35HR. This blend combines a base oil with polymers to minimize friction loss for maximum performance of such NA engines. Tested repeatedly in endurance races, such as the Nurburgring and the Tokachi 24-hour races, NISMO has proven to meet the demands in this kind of fierce competition—not just in output performance, but long-range reliability as well.

  • 0W30
  • Synthetic
  • Double-ester base technology combines complex-ester and low-friction coefficient mono-ester in order to improve engine power output
  • Delivers increased engine output through reduced use of the detergent-dispersants that have been shown to cause friction loss in high-load conditions
  • In view of the high-compression ratios involved, greater oxidation stability is nurtured
  • Anti-foaming in high-rotation, high oil temp environments (as well as de-foaming at 150 degrees C have been noted)
  • Low viscosity grade 0W-30 reduces oil hydrodynamic friction, provides maximum power output mostly when oil is cold (allows excellent oil flow into engine, fastest oil pressure setup, faster rev raisings, and better engine warming)
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