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NecksGen REV2 LITE
NecksGen REV2 LITE

NecksGen REV2 LITE

NEXNG501 (10 in stock)

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The NecksGen REV 2 LITE is the ultimate head and neck restraint. Weighing in at only 1.2 pounds (550 grams), the REV2 LITE carries the same level of protection and certifications as the NecksGen Original and REV devices.

The REV2 LITE has all the same features as the REV, but adds a clever new adjustable tether system, rubber grip friction pads to help you feel locked in your seat better, higher belt guides to keep everything locked in place and for multiple impact situations. The shoulder pads are improved, and as an exclusive new feature, the REV2 LITE comes with free re-certifications. Quick release helmet hardware is included!

  • Adjustable tether system
  • Rubber grip friction pads
  • Higher belt guides
  • Free re-certifications
  • Quick release helmet hardware is included
  • MPN:  NG501 (Medium) and NG502 (Large)

Free Re-certifications on the REV2 Lite

Free re-certifications on the REV2 Lite will be honored for SFI 38.1, required on devices every 5 years. The user is responsible for costs above and beyond a standard re-certification procedure, including any parts (tether, shoulder pads, friction pads, hardware, etc.), cleaning fees, and shipping costs. No cost re-certifications will only be honored on devices that are 4 years older than the manufacturing or re-certification date on the SFI label on the device. If the SFI label is missing, a valid proof of purchase is required.

NecksGen REV2 LITE Sizing

NecksGen REV2 LITE Sizing


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