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Longacre Complete Brake Line Kit - #4 AN - 52-45216

Longacre Complete Brake Line Kit - #4 AN

LON52-45216 (Not in stock)


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The Longacre #4 Complete Brake Line Kit has all of the parts needed to do the entire car.

Includes four (4) SS braided lines to go from the chassis to the wheels, an assortment of pre-flared bendable steel chassis lines, connectors, fittings, frame tabs, Adel clamps, wire ties. It has enough parts to do almost any car from a midget to a Sprint Cup car (order caliper fittings separately).

  • Note: NOT For Street Driven Cars
  • Minimum Bending Radius 2"

Steel Braided Brake Lines

Longacre brake lines use stainless steel braided Teflon line with permanently swedged fittings installed on both ends to help eliminate spongy pedals. Use with any brake fluid. 2500 psi working pressure. #4 AN fittings on both ends.

Braided Brake Lines
  Outside Material: Stainless steel braided
  Inside Material: Teflon® lined hose
  Hose Size: #4 AN
  Ends: #4 AN female
  Length 1: 18" (2 each)
  Length 2: 24" (2 each)
Hard Lines
  Material: Steel
  Size 1: 3/16" x 8" (3 each)
  Size 2: 3/16" x 20" (3 each)
  Size 3: 3/16" x 40" (4 each)
Fittings / Hardware
  Union: 3/16 IFF x 2 (4 each)
#4 AN x 3/16 IFF Red with nut (4 each)
  Tee: 3/16 IFF x 3 (2 each)
  Frame Tab: 90º (4 each)
  Adel Clamps: 3/16" (12 each)