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K1 RaceGear Nomex Socks
K1 RaceGear Nomex Socks - SFI 3.3

K1 RaceGear Nomex Socks - SFI 3.3

K1R26-NSO-N-SM (6 in stock)

K1 RaceGear

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Nomex clothing is absolutely crucial if you compete in auto racing. Nomex absorbs and wicks moisture away from the body and provides invaluable protection against heat and fire. It is lightweight and comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures.

To be safest in a fire, you must be covered from head to toe. This includes wearing Nomex balaclavas, gloves, shoes, underwear, and of course, an SFI-certified suit. Nomex socks can save the vulnerable and sensitive skin and tissue around your ankles from severe damage should a fire break out in your car.
  • SFI 3.3 approved
  • Light and comfortable

Available Sizes/Colors

Size Color SKU
Small/Medium (S/M) Black 26-NSO-W-SM
Small/Medium (S/M) White 26-NSO-W-LXL
Large/XL (L/XL) Black 26-NSO-N-LXL
Large/XL (L/XL) White 26-NSO-W-LXL