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Impact 5-Point Latch & Link Harness

Impact 5-Point Latch & Link Harness

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Impact Racing

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The Impact 5-Point Latch & Link Harness is perfect for dirt racing.  The exclusive T7 race harness webbing from Impact was designed for the demands of motorsports. The laterally-ribbed webbing works with the patented adjuster, allowing it to act like a ratchet to help prevent webbing creep. Because the Latch & Link System is a series of secure hooks and loops, there's no need to worry about it jamming from dust and track particles. Webbing ends are wraparound or bolt-in with all hardware included.

  • Quick Adjuster hardware makes belts even safer and easier to use
  • T7 laterally-webbed nylon webbing works perfectly with hardware and exceeds industry standards
  • Belt centering system on the pull-ends keeps webbing centered in the adjusters after tightening
  • All belt mounting ends come standard with wraparound ends
  • Bolt-In and Wrap-Around hardware is included
  • SFI 16.1 certified


Impact Racing
Part Number
Product Line
PRO Series
SFI Rating
Number of Points
5 Point
Shoulder Style
Lap Belt Ends
Bolt In | Wrap Around
Lap Belt Mount
Floor | Roll Bar
Lap Belt Width
3 in
Lap Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Shoulder Belt Ends
Bolt in | Wrap Around
Shoulder Belt Mount
Roll Bar
Shoulder Belt Width
3 in
Shoulder Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Anti Submarine Belt Ends
Bolt In | Wrap Around
Anti Submarine Belt Width
2 in
Latch Style
Latch & Link