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Hypertech REACT Tow Throttle Enhancer 102402
Hypertech REACT Tow Throttle Optimizer - Tow Version - GM Truck 2006-19

Hypertech REACT Tow Throttle Enhancer 102402

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Hypertech REACT Tow throttle enhancers put complete throttle response control at your fingertips. With throttle curves designed to improve the power delivery when you're towing or hauling, these innovative optimizers deliver fully customizable power with a simple knob that allows you to switch between multiple modes and throttle intensity on-the-fly. Installation is easy—completely plug-and-play with automatic setup sequence, and a magnetic A/C vent mount. Also, Hypertech REACT throttle enhancers will not void your factory warranty. Order the model recommended for your specific vehicle.

  • React Throttle Optimizer, Towing Version
  • Modes: Heavy tow, Tow, Economy, Wet/Ice, Stock
  • Pressing the knob clicks between each drive mode curve
  • Rotating the knob up increases throttle intensity, rotating down decreases throttle intensity
  • On-the-fly adjustments
  • LED setting indicators
  • Multi-level safety protection—incorporates multiple checks of the accelerator pedal signals coming and going from the microprocessor inside
  • Custom tuning software
  • Internet updateable
  • Throttle Optimizer, React
  • Tow Version
  • GM Fullsize Truck 2006-19
  • MPN: 102402