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Medium Grypmat
Medium Grypmat
Medium Grypmat
Medium Grypmat

Grypmat - Medium

GRYRFGM-CR02S (Not in stock)


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Grypmat - Medium

The Medium Grypmat tool tray will keep your tools handy anywhere you are working! This tool mat measures 8x12 inches and will grip onto whatever surface it is placed on without sliding or falling, and without scratching other surfaces.

  • Tool mat with two small compartments and a large compartment for hand tools 
  • Never chase a runaway tool again
  • Unique chemistry enables the Grypmat to grip onto whatever surface it is placed on
  • Prevents scratches and dents on your equipment without marring the paint job
  • Keeps your tools handy wherever you happen to be working
  • Grypmat is extremely durable, and it also bends, folds and rolls, always returning to its original shape
  • Made out of a polymer-silicone blend and has specific properties to make it resistant to all types of chemicals
  • The large and medium Grypmats contain a built-in ruler
  • Flame resistant
  • Anti-static properties
  • Non-magnetic
  • Dimensions: 8 x 12 inches