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G-Force GF505 Multi-Layer Race Pants

G-Force GF-505 Multi-Layer Race Pants

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The G-Force Racing Gear GF-505 multi-layer pants are lined with a CoolQuilt liner that keeps you dry and cool.  The built-in Abzorb-A-Line draws the moisture from the body which keeps your body temperature down. The outer layer is made of a fire retardant cotton. All GF-505 jackets and pants come with Nomex cuffs and arm/leg stripes. Jackets feature a large chest billboard with contrasting piping.  All seams are safety stitched to help limit failure in a fire.  

The GF-505 have an impressive TPP rating of 26. In order to be classified as SFI 3.2A/5, The SFI Foundation requires a thermal protective performance (TPP) score of 26. Thus GF-505 garments exceed the specifications of their intended use, and racers can have confidence in them. Higher TPP ratings allow racers more time to evacuate in the unfortunate event of an accident and/or fire. 

  • Flame-retardant cotton
  • CoolQuilt liner
  • Nomex cuffs
  • White stripe trimmed in contrasting piping
  • Spacious pockets
  • TPP rating of 26
  • SFI 3.2A/5

Size Chart

G-Force Suit Size Chart

 Size Chest
Waist Hip Inseam
Child S 27-29" 21-24" 26-28" 18-19"
Child M 30-32" 24-26" 30-32" 21.5-22.5"
Child L 33-34"
33.5-34.5" 24"
Small 36-38" 29-32" 35-37" 29-30"
Medium 38-41" 32-35" 38-40" 30-31"
Large 42-46" 38-40" 42-44.5" 32-33"
XL 46-49" 41-43" 45-48" 32.5-33.5"
2XL 50-54" 44-48" 50-52.5" 32.5-33.5"
3XL 54-59" 48-52" 53-55" 33"
4XL 70.5" 70" x 34"


Available Sizes:

SKU Size
4386MEDBK Medium
4386LBK Large