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DRP Grease Ultra Low Drag Bearing 50g Syringe

DRP Grease Ultra Low Drag Bearing 50g Syringe

DRP007-10756 (100 in stock)

DRP Performance

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Ultra Low Drag Bearing Grease; 50g syringe; Kluber Isoflex Topas NB52

  • MPN: 007 10756
  • Reduces Grease Drag
  • Increases Wheel Spin
  • Reduces Maintenance

We've always recommended using a good quality grease in your wheel bearings, but no brand in particular.  Recently, though, we tested a number of popular greases and some lesser known secrets.  The results were crystal clear.  Kluber high speed roller bearing greases are the best we've found, period.  Over 70% increase in free spin verses the next best grease.  We worked with the Kluber engineers to determine the best grease for our short track applications and now offer it to you.  You will be impressed.  A 50g syringe will pack approximately 16 bearings.