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DRP Bearing Spacer 78-93 Mustang Fox Body

DRP Low Drag Hub Wheel Bearing Spacer - 1978-93 Mustang Fox Body

DRP007-10534 (24 in stock)

DRP Performance

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Innovative, low-drag hub kits virtually eliminate wheel bearing drag, providing reduced friction and lower operating temperatures, ultimately delivering more horsepower to the track. Maintenance is also reduced as bearings don't require repacking as often.

  • Adjustable Wheel Bearing Spacers (includes (1) Bearing Spacer)
  • 1978-93 Mustang (Fox Body) Spindles
  • Bearing Spacer for 1978-1993 Mustang (Fox Body) Spindles; Steel
  • Inner ID: 1.379, Outer ID: 0.872
  • Part Number: 007 10534