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DRP Bearing Spacer 2in 5x5 Aluminum

DRP Bearing Spacer 2in 5x5 Aluminum

DRP007-10506 (10 in stock)

DRP Performance

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Bearing Spacer for 2" 5x5; Howe/Port City/Joe's/Speedway Engineering/Arco Tech; Aluminum

Innovative, all-in-one low-drag hub kits virtually eliminate wheel bearing drag, providing reduced friction and lower operating temperatures, ultimately delivering more horsepower to the track. Maintenance is also reduced as bearings don't require repacking as often. Each kit includes Premium Finished wheel bearings, an Ultra Low Drag hub seal and special, adjustable wheel bearing spacer that allows precise pre-load setting. Each kit includes components for a single hub and complete instructions. Components are also offered separately.

  • Low-Drag Hub Parts Kits
  • Wheel Bearing Spacer, Hub Defender, Adjustable, Aluminum, 2 in Pin 5x5 Hubs
  • For Use with 368A Bearings
  • Inner ID: 2.002
  • MPN: 007 10506


  • Reduces Bearing Friction
  • Increases Wheel Spin
  • Lowers Bearing Temperature
  • Reduces Hub Maintenance