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Bell Side Air Inlet for BR1 Helmet

Bell Side Air Inlet for BR1 Helmet

BEL2070040 (Not in stock)

Bell Helmets

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The Bell BR.1 Helmet can be adapted for use as a side forced air helmet by using a side air kit (left side) to maximize cooling in the front of the helmet for closed car forms of racing when used with an external air system (not included). The kits are installed using small insert screws (included).

  • Side mount
  • Forced air
  • Quick lock nozzle
  • BR.1 kit
  • Fits smaller helmet hose only -- the barb is approximately 3/4 in outside diameter
  • Use adapter MPN #2029000 to adapt small fitting to use larger hose
  • MPN #2029012 has the larger helmet hose fitting 
  • Part Number: 2070040