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Allstar Heated Tire Siper

Allstar Heated Tire Siper

ALL10266 (65 in stock)

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Sipe tires quickly and effortlessly while maintaining precise control. Siping can greatly improve traction by allowing the tire to reach and maintain optimum temperature. A locking lever and blade clamping screw secures up to 13 blades in the head assembly. Blades can be easily positioned up or down to desired cutting depth. A built-in blade rail holds blade strips in place while individual blades are snapped away. Tool heats in 10-15 minutes. 110V plug in operation only.

This Siper heats up to about 155 degrees and needs to be plugged in for 15-20 minutes to reach operating temperature.  This Siper includes 4 strips which consist of 6 blades each for a total of 24 individual blades.

  • 13-Blade Heated Tire Siper
  • Part Type: Tire Sipers and Tread Tools
  • Siper Type: Electric
  • Siper Material: Aluminum
  • Siper Finish: Natural
  • Blades sold separately
  • Sold as each
  • MPN: ALL10266

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