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Zamp RZ-44C Carbon Helmet - SA2015

Zamp RZ-44C Carbon Helmet - SA2015

D-ZAMH741CB3S (Not in stock)

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The Zamp RZ-44 Carbon Helmet is a lightweight, aerodynamic helmet that features a maximized air flow system.  This helmet features openings on the top and both sides of the helmet, allowing you to fully customize the air flow.  This standard style Zamp RZ-44 Carbon Helmet featuresopen vents on the top and sides of the chin bar.  The forced air style Zamp RZ-44 Carbon Helmet features forced air ports that can be placed on any of the three air ports (or all three of the air ports!), providing you with a completely customizable air system to fit your vehicle perfectly.

  • Standard style helmet (forced air style helmet is also available) 
  • Carbon fiber construction provides maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Integrated M6 inserts for head and neck restraints
  • Snell SA2015 certified

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