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Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Black SFI
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Gray
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Waistband Detail
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit Boot Cut Leg Detail
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit Boot Cut Leg - Black
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Shoulder Detail
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Neck Detail
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Neck Detail Closed SFI
Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit - Sleeve Detail

Zamp ZR-30 Multi-Layer Race Suit

ZAMR030033S (2 in stock)


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The Zamp ZR-30 Racing Suit is a high quality, multi-layer suit at an affordable price. This SFI 3.2A/5 approved lightweight suit is available in a large range of sizes to fit all drivers. It is currently the most economical 3-layer suit on the market!  

  • Multi-layer construction
  • 3 Layers:  100% flame retardant cotton outer layer, 100% Aramid center layer and 100% flame retardant cotton inner layer
  • Box quilt stitching
  • Pockets on each leg
  • Adjustable belt
  • Economical and lightweight
  • Aramid cuffs for comfort around ankles and wrists
  • Aramid shoulder flex panels allow for fully floating 360-degree shoulder rotation
  • Boot cuff provides stylish ankle protection
  • SFI 3.2A/5 certified
  • TPP Rating: 20.66
  • Color:  Black, Black/White or Gray

Size Chart

Zamp Suit Size Chart

Sizes/Colors Available

SKU Size Color
R030033S Small Black
R030033M Medium Black
R030033L Large Black
R030033XL XL Black
R030033XXL 2XL Black
R030033XXL 3XL Black
R030015S Small Gray
R030015M Medium Gray
R030015L Large Gray
R030015XL XL Gray
R030015XXL 2XL Gray
R030015XXXL 3XL Gray