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Ultra-Shield Smoked Tear-Offs

Ultra-Shield Smoked Tear-Offs - 5 Pack

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Ultra-Shield Smoked Tear-Offs have a thickness of 2 mil and are sold as a pack of 5.

  • 2 mil thickness
  • Pack of 5
  • Made in Flint, TX USA


 Style Post Centers Fits
S01 11-1/2" Simpson Side Pro Elite, Voyager and GP5W 
S02 12-3/8" Pyrotect, G-Force, RCI SA200 and M2000, and Zamp RZ-2
S03 11-1/2" Simpson XS, Simpson Jr Shark and Shoei
S04 11-1/2" post centers with Nose Notch Simpson RX, Bandit, Super Bandit, X Bandit, Skull, Invader, Raider, Diamondback, and CH3NO2
S07 11-1/2" Impact Wizard and Simpson 1988 SX3/RX3
S08 2" Old style Simpson Bandit
S09 13" Simpson Shark, Auto Enforcer Shark, Sting Ray, Devil Ray, K-10, Valor, Voyager Evolution, Sidewinder Voyager, VUDO and XTR Auto Racing Helmet
S11 11-1/2" Bell SE03 and SE05 shields, Bell GTX.3 helmet
S12 10-3/4" Impact Mini Vapor and Bieffe
S13 13" Impact Air Draft, Super Sport, Super Sport Air Spider, Zero-9 and Z9-APX
S14 11-3/4" Impact Vapor, Charger, Zero-9 and Z9-APX
S15B 11-3/4" Impact Big Champ (all years) replaced A15 for pre 2007 Big Champs only
S16B 11" Impact Little Champ
S17 11-1/2" HJC (all) and Bell Powersports Star, RS-1, Vortex, 
Qualifier and Qualifier DLX
S18 12-1/4" Bell Vador with Square Nose Notch (289 Shield)
S20 12" Arai GP6, GP-6C, GP-6RC, GP-6SM6, GP-6(PED)M6, SK-6 and GP-J3
S22 12-3/8" Bell 281 Shields and 288 shields, Bell Sport, Sport Edge, 
M.4 and BR.1
S23 12-1/4" Bell 287 Shield, Bell GP.2, GP.2CMR, GP.2K, GP.2 Carbon, Star Infusion, GTX.2 and Dominator.2
S24 12-1/4" Bell 276 Shields and Bell K.1 Sport
S25 12-1/4"  2016 and later Bell, and 2016 Bell Star Platform (Street/Race/Pro)
S30 11-3/4" Impact Vapor and Charger, and Zamp RZ-3, RZ-21 and RZ-22
S56 12-1/4" Zamp RZ-34, RZ-34H, RZ-55 and FSA-2
S80 12-3/8" Bell 288 Shield and Bell Sport EV