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Stilo ST5 Adult Kart Helmet - Snell K2015
Stilo ST5 Adult Kart Helmet - Snell K2015
Stilo ST5 Adult Kart Helmet - Snell K2015

Stilo ST5 Adult Kart Helmet - Snell K2015

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The Stilo ST5 Kart helmet turn heads with style that closely resembles the top of the range ST5 Zero helmet used by many professional racers worldwide.  The ST5 Kart helmet is manufactured in a lightweight and very strong composite material and is currently available in White. As with every Stilo helmet, the focus is on safety, comfort and function. The interior of the ST5 Kart helmet has an excellent fit and comfort level due to its dual density interior foam lining. From the first use, karters will truly appreciate the level of comfort of this helmet. 

The symmetrical visor offers excellent vision and an effortless central visor locking system that karters will appreciate. The centrally located locking system has dual opening positions allowing adjustment for the visor to be slightly open for extra airflow as preferred by some karters in damp conditions or left completely sealed, but more importantly in both of these positions the visor is locked and will never fly open.

The Stilo ST5 Kart helmet arrives with a 3 mm thick FIA F1 standard visor - adding a dramatic improvement in safety. Replacement shields are offered in a large range of different finishes and tints, including colored Iridium options that have been added for a totally bespoke finish. In addition a double glazed option is available for racing in wet and cold conditions to prevent misting up.

Optional spoilers can be purchased for any aerodynamic adjustment that may be needed, but also giving the helmet a great look.  

Available in gloss white exterior finish, the ST5 Kart is homologated to the very latest Snell K2015 standard.

  • Lightweight composite material
  • Dual density interior foam lining
  • Central visor locking system with dual opening (locked) positions
  • Includes 3 mm thick FIA F1 standard visor
  • Optional spoilers are available: YA0823 (front) and YA0623 (rear)
  • Replacement shields are available in different finishes and tints
  • Color: Gloss White
  • Snell K2015 certified

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