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Rigid Industries 20122 Dually Amber Spotlight

Rigid Industries 20122 Dually Amber Spotlight

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The Rigid Industries Dually Amber Spotlight is designed for off-road.  It provides a ton of light output with very little power draw in a compact package.

The Dually Spot LED system features specialized optics technology that throws a powerful, narrow, and very intense beam of light out to a surprisingly long 440 meters, which gives your F-150 or Jeep of choice the ability to "spot" hazards out on the trail before they become huge problems. Even though the Rigid Dually Spot light produces a massive amount of light, the light itself is small and compact enough to fit practically anywhere on your vehicle and has a low enough power draw so that even several Dually Spot LEDs won't overly tax your factory electrical system. On top of its awesome lighting performance, the Dually is one of the toughest off-road light systems on the planet and can handle immense levels of punishment and any climate, letting you go anywhere at anytime.

This model features Amber LEDs which are often used to improve visibility in harsh elements. In situations where you need better visibility in conditions of snow, rain, fog or dust, Amber lights reduce the glare, making it easier for the human eye to process and navigate the terrain.Note: As reflected in the photo in this listing, the lens cover itself is clear. When powered on, the 4 LEDs create amber light. 

Rigid's Spot Dually features four powerful LEDs arranged in a 2x2 pattern. To get its long-range and powerful Spot beam configuration, this version of Rigid's Dually uses a specialized set of Rigid's patented Hybrid Optics that's been carefully fine-tuned to cast a beam in a 10 spot pattern that casts out a narrow, but intense beam of light over a long distance. The huge range of the spot beam makes it perfect for a forward-facing off-road light to pick up trail hazards and other problems during high-speed runs. The Dually Spot light may not have the raw utility of some of Rigid's other beam offerings, but the Spot Duallys are a great addition to any off-road vehicle or truck that needs to see way down range after the sun goes down.

The Rigid Dually Spot light is easily one of the strongest and most durable things that you can find for your vehicle and each are built from the ground up to survive the most brutal conditions and applications on the planet. Each Dually has high-quality LED boards that are resistant to impact and vibration to keep the lights functioning as you thunder down the trail. The boards are further protected by an extra-strong cast aluminum housing and a thick polycarbonate lens that can withstand amazing levels of punishment. The housings feature oversize, built-in heat sinks that allow you to run your Dually spots without risking overheating and damage. Each light has a GORE® pressure equalizing vent that prevents condensation and other problems. Rigid throws in a full set of wiring with a sealed connector and switch with each of their Duallys and manufacture all of their systems right here in the USA.

  • Patented Hybrid Optics
  • 10 Spot Pattern
  • 50,000+ Hr LED Lifespan
  • Instant On / Off - No Warm Up
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Durable Polycarbonate Lens
  • Integrated Thermal Management
  • GORE® Pressure Equalizing Vent
  • Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in the USA
  • Sealed Deutsch Connector
  • Made in the USA!
  • MPN: 20122