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RaceQuip Matrix Helmet - Snell SA2015 and FIA

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The Matrix model of the RaceQuip VESTA15 helmet features ultra-lightweight Kevlar construction. The Matrix model is hand laid using high-strength Kevlar fabric along with a durable epoxy resin to assure a lightweight shell with a superior finish.

If you are looking for something even lighter, the Carbon Fiber VESTA15 is hand laid utilizing alternating layers of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber to achieve a super light, yet rigid, shell. The helmet is clear coated to give it a deep gloss finish that really showcases the Carbon weave.

The Matrix VESTA15 model is certified to both Snell SA2015 and FIA 8859 standards. This dual certification assures that these helmets can be used in most any motorsports event worldwide.

RaceQuip's VESTA15 full face helmet is a bold departure from traditional auto racing helmet styling. The VESTA15 incorporates contemporary design with modern production techniques to achieve a balance between light weight and affordability. This innovative new helmet model features a hand laid shell in either Kevlar (Matrix) or Carbon Fiber construction with a uniquely shaped chin bar to support a scalloped faceshield design. The reinforced M6 threaded HANS / Forward Head Restraint inserts are mated to the shell as is the expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner. HANS or other Head and Neck Restraint device anchor posts (not included) can be easily attached to the outside of the helmet using the installed M6 threaded inserts. The distortion free 3mm polycarbonate faceshield features a molded thumb catch, aluminum pivot kit, hand ratcheting TearOff posts, and a silicone eyeport gasket to seal out dust and dirt. A wide eyeport provides good peripheral vision and allows the use of personal eyewear. Additionally, an extra set of thicker cheek pads are included to allow a customized fit. The dual SA and FIA ratings means that the Nomex interior and paint are fire retardant as well as the kevlar chin strap, so the RaceQuip VESTA15 Helmet is suitable for use in all forms of motorsports. The comfort fit blended Nomex® interior along with exhaust vents on the top and back of the shell help keep your scalp cool. All these features are wrapped in a hand laid Kevalr and/or Carbon Fiber shell with aggressive styling. The result is the outstanding value delivered by the RaceQuip VESTA15.

  • Exceeds Snell SA2015 and FIA 8859 -- both certification stickers inside
  • Hand laid Kevlar shell
  • HANS M6 threaded inserts installed
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) liner
  • Comfort fit blended Nomex® interior
  • HANS / FHR anchor posts bolt right on (not included)
  • Distortion free 3mm low fog Polycarbonate faceshield
  • Aluminum pivot kit with adjustable friction lock
  • TearOff posts hand ratchet to 8 positions -- no tools needed
  • Silicone eyeport gasket seals out dirt 
  • Kevlar® chin strap
  • Extra cheek pads included for custom fit
  • Great peripheral vision
  • Fire retardant paint and interior
  • Bold new styling with goggle type faceshield

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