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OMP Berlina 6-Point Pull Down Harness DA0202HSL061 - Red
OMP Berlina 6-Point Pull Down Harness DA0202HSL071 - Black

OMP Berlina 6-Point Pull Down Harness

OMPDA0202HSL071 (1 in stock)

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The OMP Berlina 6-Point Harness is a super-light professional safety harness with pull-down adjusters that is FIA approved.  The Berlina is a lightweight and comfortable safety harness for saloon cars (saloon car is a reference to a production car or "stock car" type race car). The origin of the name Berlina is from a classic Alfa Romeo. Berlina is an Italian term that means sedan or saloon car.  

  • Superlight professional safety belt 0202 HSL
  • Forged aluminum ultralight adjusters
  • Ultra-resistant buckle that cannot be opened accidentally
  • Buckle in Ergal 7075 Machined Billet Aluminum and Magnesium*
  • Exclusive double pin T-bar crotch attachments
  • Polyester fabric
  • Pull-down belts
  • This harness is for use with a HANS or other Frontal Head Restraint only
  • FIA 8853-2016 approved
  • MPN: DA0202HSL


FIA Approved
Number of Points
6 Point
Shoulder Style
Lap Belt Ends
Clip In
Lap Belt Mount
Lap Belt Width
2 in
Lap Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Shoulder Belt Ends
Wrap Around
Shoulder Belt Mount
Roll Bar
Shoulder Belt Width
2 in
Shoulder Belt Pull Up/Down
Pull Down
Anti Submarine Belt Ends
Clip In | Wrap Around
Anti Submarine Belt Width
2 in
Latch Style
Black or Red
Part Number   DA0202HSL061 (Red), DA0202HSL071 (Black)