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Longacre Sprint Car Battery Pack Complete Kit 45620

Longacre Sprint Car Battery Pack Complete Kit

LON52-45620 (7 in stock)

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The Longacre Sprint Car Battery Pack is a low oil pressure warning light kit for cars without batteries.  It includes a holder for a lightweight 9V battery, low oil pressure switch (20 psi), warning light, heavy duty mag kill switch with weatherproof switch cover, wire and terminals.

  Style: Toggle
  Circuit Activation: Constant
  Pole: Single
  Throw: Single
  Rating: 40 amps @ 12 volts
  Materials: Steel/Plastic
  Switch Weatherproofed: No
  Switch Cover: Silicon rubber
  Cover Weatherproof: Yes
  Style: Oil Pressure
  Rating: 20 psi
  Adjustable: No
  Fitting: 1/8" NPT
Warning Light
  Color: Red
  Diameter: 3/4"
  Rating: 12 volts
  Bulb: #194
  Style: 16 Gauge
  Color: Red
  Length: 60"
  Style 1: Insulated blade (3 each)
  Style 2: Ring stud (3 each)
  Fitting: 1/8" NPT Female x 3 Tee (1 each)
  Battery Holder: 9 volt