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Longacre Memory Tire Pyrometer with Tablet 50650
Longacre Memory Tire Pyrometer with Tablet 50650

Longacre Memory Tire Pyrometer with Tablet

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The Longacre Memory Tire Pyrometer with Tablet includes important features to give your team the advantage it needs.

Tablet Included

  • 7" or 10" Android™ tablet with high resolution screen, case, screen protector and charger included

Displays all 12 Current Temps plus 99 Memory Sets

  • Store up to 99 sets of temps and scroll up/down on the main screen to compare with current temps

Computes Tire Temperature Averages

  • Just swipe the screen and get averages for any selected temp set - All 4 wheels, Left side, Right side, Front & Rear

Anticipation Mode

  • Exclusive precision algorithm to predict the ultimate temperature
  • Makes taking all 12 temps even faster and more accurate

Note Taking / Named Memory

  • Name your memory locations - title, date, track, etc. 
  • Keep a record of the changes made and the results or enter your complete setup specs (caster/camber, stagger, toe, tire pressures, shocks, etc.)
  • Notes are tied to the memory location
  • Add, edit or delete notes as needed (virtually unlimited space available)

Wireless Adjustable Tip Probe

  • Probe attached to lightweight clipboard or can be removed
  • Hand the tablet to the crew chief or driver
  • Indicator light on the probe lets you know when the temp is recorded and you can move to the next one

Save to File

  • Save all your stored temperatures and notes with the tap of a button
  • Easily email, upload to a cloud drive or connect to PC for download