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Longacre Insulated Floor Mat / Heat Barrier

Longacre Insulated Floor Mat / Heat Barrier

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The Longacre Insulated Floor Mat is designed for use in the driver compartment.  It can be used as a heat barrier with up to 600-degree F maximum. 

  • Specially designed for use in driver compartment
  • Made from fireproof non-asbestos heavy weight cloth
  • Silicon coated on one side and aluminized for heat reflection on the other
  • Aluminized side towards heat source
  • In the middle is a heavy duty high temp insulation material
  • Eyelets in the corners to mount with rivets or screws
  • Maximum Temperature: 600 degrees F
  • Sizes: 24" x 18"; 18" x 18"; 24" x 10"; 12" x 8"