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Longacre Computerscales® Hybrid DX3 72617

Longacre Computerscales® Hybrid DX3

LON52-72617 (5 in stock)

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DX3 Wired/Hybrid Pro Scales are a professional level DX3 scale system that 
incorporates a hybrid, part wired/part wireless design. The 10" full color tablet shows all weights and partial percentages simultaneously, while including the ability to be removed from the controller and used wirelessly. The system additionally allows on-screen note taking, displayed side-by-side with weights, and partial percentages that
may be customized. Extensive memory functions allow storing up to 50 weights and
percentages. Systems are sold complete with controller, 15" x 15" scale pads, cabling and related hardware. 

  • 1,500 Lb. Capacity, Single Cell Pads