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Longacre Computerscales Vehicle Scale 72715
Longacre Computerscales Vehicle Scale 72715
Longacre Computerscales Vehicle Scale 72715
Longacre Computerscales Vehicle Scale 72715

Longacre Computerscales® Vehicle Scale Wireless 7" Tablet XLi™ Single Load Cell

LON52-72715 (10 in stock)

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New Computerscales XLi offers true wireless convenience with absolutely no wires to trip over. This convenient, easy-to-use system features a full-color, high-resolution 7” tablet that is set up and ready to use. From the pads directly to the tablet, this system includes the ability to display all partial weights and percentages, memory with current weights, while wheel weights and car icon may be rotated as desired for best viewing. The system is sold complete with 15" x 15" x 2-1/2" single-cell pads, tablet, and foam-lined silver storage case. Also available as with dual-cell pads (part #72726).

Computerscales XLi on A 7" Tablet

This is the future of chassis setups. This tablet has many times the capacity of any dedicated scale control box. This corner weight scale was designed from the ground up as a tablet based system, not an add-on to an existing model. The wireless signal goes directly from the pads to the tablet without any bulky re-transmitter boxes needed. You are no longer "stuck" with only the features that came with the scales when you bought them. When new features are added App updates are always Free and you can even upgrade your tablet to take advantage of features for larger tablets like Side-by-Side Note Taking now available for 10" tablets.  In the future we will have many more 'apps' for various setup functions too. 


Tablet Included

The tablet included is an Android™ based model and can support other 'apps'. Computerscales XLi app is pre-installed and the entire system is ready to use. (Tablet brand / model may vary.)

Advanced Features

  • All your partial weights and percentages can be seen by scrolling through the options with your fingertip
  • Shows memory weights and current weights at the same time so you can easily compare (50 memory storage)
  • Weights and car icon can be rotated on the display for easy viewing from any position -- front, rear, sides
  • Use in horizontal or vertical format -- switches automatically when you rotate the tablet
  • Customizable display: Tap your preferences in the order you want them displayed. You can even add a blank line if you want to separate percentages.  Select as many or as few as you want. Up to 5 will be shown on the main display but you can access the others by scrolling the list up or down. You can also change partial weight % resolution and weight units.
  • Note-taking right on the tablet, tied to the memory number; type notes with on-screen keyboard or by voice
  • Named memory locations: Give your memory locations names for easier recall; title, date, track, etc. (up to 15 characters, and the Memory Name will display on the main screen)
  • Save your current or all your stored weights to a file. The file includes all wheel weights, all partial % selected and any notes you have entered. Downloads to a comma-delimited file for easy editing in a spreadsheet.
  • Pad battery status shown on display for each corner
  • Tablet battery status shown right on the app display (app version 1.17 and above)
  • Tablet operates while plugged into the charger
  • 4 different car icons are available: Stock car, Modified, Open Wheel and Kart
  • Metric switchable from the setup screen
  • Alternate Industrial Black weight view screen
  • Bright Sunlight screen mode for easier viewing outdoors
  • Deluxe Single cell pads are CNC machined internally - flat to .010".
  • System includes 7" Android™ tablet (color may vary) with full color high-res screen and Computerscales XLi app pre-installed (update to v1.25 for free if pre-installed app is 1.23 or below), storage case for tablet and 15" x 15" x 2.5" scale pads with 1500 lbs. per pad capacity (set of 4)