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Longacre Coil Spring Tester 73505
Longacre Coil Spring Tester 73505

Longacre Coil Spring Tester

LON52-73505 (Not in stock)


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One of the keys to winning on the track is a reliable shock and spring package. The Longacre Billet Digital Coil Spring Tester could be your key to a competitive advantage.

  • Billet Aluminum Electronic Coil Spring Tester
  • 0 - 3000 lbs. by 1 lb.
  • Travel to .001"
  • 6" to 20" tall springs
  • Coil and coil-over springs, 5" or 5-1/2" OD, flat or 'pigtail' ends (one end must be flat)
  • Includes easy-to-use digital indicator to measure spring travel and a digital load readout
  • Standard display

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST preload the spring to a minimum of 1/2". Manufacturers rate springs with a higher preload. The higher the preload, the higher the spring rate because the end coils start to touch, effectively shortening the spring. Without adequate preload, readings may be inconsistant. Even the best quality coil springs can vary as much as 5% from the stated rate. This is normal manufacturing tolerance.

The distance between the insides of the posts is about 8.5”. The coil spring retainers/”buckets” are set up for a max pigtail diameter of 6” (they measure about 6.13” ID).