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Impact Racing Air Draft Carbon Fiber Helmet - SA2015

Impact Racing Air Draft Carbon Fiber Helmet - SA2015

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The Impact Carbon Fiber Air Draft is the helmet of choice for professional racers such as Boris Said and Robby Gordon.  Utilizing a low-profile version of the popular Venturi Cowl air induction system, the Impact Air Draft will keep you cool, clean and fog-free all race long.

Clean air is circulated through three “whisper” channels and directed onto the interior of the visor, creating positive air pressure inside the helmet and preventing contaminated air from entering. The wicker bill design offers down-force and stability preventing the helmet from “lifting” at high speeds in open cockpit environments. The wide eye port provides an exceptional field of front and peripheral vision and includes a heavy-duty 1/8” polycarbonate shield with three-position detent. The Impact Air Draft also features our “Intelligent Gray Matter” liner (a variable-density, single-piece helmet liner) upholstered with fire-retardant soft-knit Nomex® and finishes with a fire-retardant Kevlar® chinstrap with a dual D-ring closure. Removable cheek pads (optionally available cheek pads are available in a variety of thicknesses and configurations to provide a custom fit) and a variety of available tinted and anti-fog shields offer a customized fit, making the Impact Carbon Fiber Air Draft the helmet of choice for the pros!

  • Shell construction is 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Extended chin foil captures downward airflow to reduce helmet lift and buffeting
  • Forward facing louvered chin bar vents
  • Wide eye port for wide field of vision
  • Gray Matter fire-resistant covered liner made of Impact's "intelligent" single piece variable-density core
  • Interchangeable cheek pads for a perfect fit (comes with standard cheek pads, other sizes are sold separately)
  • Fire-resistant Kevlar® chinstrap with locking dual D-ring design
  • .125" Clear Shield comes standard with 3 position detent
  • Snell SA2015
  • Made in the USA!

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