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G-Force Revo Carbon Helmet

G-Force Revo Carbon Helmet - SA2015

D-GFR3411MEDBK (Not in stock)

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The new G-Force Revo Carbon is built with a reinforced carbon composite shell and has a new premium fit.  The shell is coated with a deep gloss clear for a brilliant shine.  Across the chin-bar and crown of the helmet are polished aluminum grill guards of the Siphon12 Ventilation Network, a system of 6 intake ports, 2 forehead ports and 4 rearward exhaust ports.  This system is designed to move heat out of the helmet. The bottom of the helmet is contoured to accommodate helmet restraint devices and is lined with a rubber gasket made for easy use and cleaning.

The Revo Carbon has reinforced mounting points for helmet restraint devices.  It also comes with optically corrected clear view shield.  A full line of tinted shields are also available.  With dual aircraft aluminum and hex-head shield bolts, you can easily change your shield on the spot.

The interior is built around the new modern fit, soft knit, hypoallergenic, padded flame retardant liner with removable cheek pads. This modern fit is designed for a deeper inset and more contoured shape on the typical head shape. For function, the multiple density, impact liner is made to react to differing impact situations by compressing laterally utilizing tuned zones of multiple densities, allowing the load to spread and dissipating the force. The chin strap is bolted to the shell with stainless hex-head bolts and is made from durable, flame retardant para-aramid webbing. 

  • Carbon composite shell
  • Modern fit
  • Flame retardant liner
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Siphon12 Ventilation Network™
  • Reinforced mounting points for helmet restraint devices
  • Snell SA2015

Size Chart

Helmet Size Measurement (inches) Metric
6-5/8 to 6-3/4 20-7/8 to 21-1/4 53 to 54
Small 6-7/8 to 7 21-5/8 to 22 55 to 56
Medium 7-1/8 to 7-1/4 22-3/8 to 22-3/4 57 to 58
Large 7-3/8 to 7-1/2 23-1/8 to 23-1/2 59 to 60
7-5/8 to 7-3/4 23-7/8 to 24-1/4 61 to 62
7-7/8 to 8 24-3/4 to 25-1/8 63 to 64