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G-Force GF3 Helmet
G-Force GF3 Helmet - Matte Black
G-Force GF3 Helmet - White
G-Force GF3 Helmet - Black

G-Force GF3 Helmet - Snell SA2015

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The G-FORCE GF3 Helmet has a shell constructed from a low density, Z38 lightweight composite blend. The rear of the helmet is accented with double ridge lines that add both style and strength to the GF3 shell.

Reinforced mounting points for Helmet Restraint Systems are built into the shell during production for added durability. The G-FLOW Ventilation System siphons air into the chin bar ports, around the heated interior and siphons out the top and rear vents to aid in cooling. An optically correct, .125″ thick, ProFit Shield encloses the extra wide eye port opening and secures to the rubberized, eye port gasket to keep dust and dirt out. The ProFit Shield is held in place by two aircraft aluminum, wide-head bolts for easy change-out and removal. The thumb indention makes lifting the shield, even with gloves, simple and clean. The pivot kit contains 5 shield ratchet positions so that the driver can adjust to their liking. 

The interior of the GF3 has a G-78 impact liner made to meet and exceed all Snell and SFI specs. The G-78 impact liner is covered by a soft knit, hypoallergenic, padded CoolTec, flame retardant liner for comfort and fit. A SpecFit Channel has been added to secure placement in the use of seeing or sunglasses. The chin strap is bolted to the shell with stainless hex-head bolts and is made from durable, flame retardant para-aramid webbing. 

  • Lightweight Composite Shell
  • Flame Retardant Liner
  • G-FLOW Ventilation System
  • 3 Color Options: Gloss White, Gloss Black or Matte Black
  • Built-in Helmet Restraint Hardware
  • Shields that fit: #8601 ProFit (Clear), #8602 ProFit (Smoke), #8603 ProFit (Mirror Smoke), #8604 ProFit (Amber), #8605 ProFit (Blue Mirror), #8606 ProFit (Light Smoke)
  • Snell SA2015