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Amalie XLO Ultimate Synthetic 5W40 Oil
Amalie XLO Ultimate Synthetic 5W40 Oil Case of 4 (gallon)

Amalie XLO Ultimate Synthetic Oil 5W40

AMA60197-36 (5 in stock)

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Amalie Super XLO Ultimate 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to deliver superior performance and engine protection in the midst of today’s challenging power and EPA requirements. Amalie Super XLO Ultimate provides the ultimate in acid neutralization, soot control and viscosity retention. These qualities enable extended drain intervals without corrupting the oil or damaging the engine.

Super XLO Ultimate also offers the maximum protection for EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) engines as well as protect against the higher soot and oxidation levels related to the higher operating temperatures in EGR engines with no negative impact on oil viscosity. This special heavy duty oil also protects and enhances engines equipped with the new Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF). Amalie Super XLO Ultimate 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with the most robust detergent/dispersant anti-wear additive system available. It is a diesel oil with a perfectly balanced base number (TBN) for use in both on-highway and off-highway service. These special features enable and promote extended maintenance schedules, extended oil change intervals, improved equipment life, improved equipment operation, fuel economy and better low temperature starting and operation. 

  • XLO Ultimate Full Synthetic Oil
  • 5W40 
  • 1 Gallon
  • MPN: 60197-36


Brand Amalie
Part Number
60197-36 (Gallon); 160-60197-36 (Case)
Product Line
XLO Ultimate
Oil Type
1 Gallon
Each or Case of 4