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Allstar Aluminum Sheeting Colors
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22200 - 4x10 ft - Natural
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22201 - 4x10 ft - Chrome
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22202 - 4x10 ft - White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22203 - 4x10 ft - Extreme Red/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22204 - 4x10 ft - Red/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22205 - 4x10 ft - Chevron Blue
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22206 - 4x10 ft - Black/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22207 - 4x10 ft - Gloss Black
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22208 - 4x10 ft - Flat Black/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22209 - 4x10 ft - Red/Red
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22210 - 4x10 ft - Shell Gray/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22211 - 4x10 ft - Extreme Green/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22212 - 4x10 ft - Pepsi Blue/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22213 - 4x10 ft - Chevron Blue/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22214 - 4x10 ft - Heron Blue/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22215 - 4x10 ft - Orange/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22216 - 4x10 ft - Yellow/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22217 - 4x10 ft - Extreme Purple/White
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22218 - 4x10 ft - Yellow
Allstar Aluminum Sheet ALL22219 - 4x10 ft - Flat Black

Allstar Aluminum Sheet - 4x10 ft

ALL22200 (93 in stock)

Allstar Performance

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25 Sheet Minimum Order: These sheets are oversized and can only ship via truck freight.  These are not eligible for shipping via small package carriers like UPS or FedEx.  Free shipping does not apply.  Contact us for a shipping quote.  Orders under 25 sheets will be cancelled.

Allstar Aluminum Sheets are 4 ft. wide by .040" thick, and available in most popular colors. Sheets with single-sided colors have a white painted backside.  All sheets have a removable protective film on one side to resist scratches.

  • Dimensions:  4' x 10' (48" x 120")
  • If only one color is specified in the description column, sheet will have a white painted back side

Truck Freight Only  Truck Freight or Pick-Up Only (contact us for a shipping quote) 


Brand Allstar Performance
Flat / Diamond Plate
10 ft
4 ft
0.04 in
Gauge 19-20 gauge
Removable Protective Film
Minimum Quantity 25 sheets


  • ALL22200:  Plain (Natural) *
  • ALL22230:  Satin Plain (common for interiors) *
  • ALL22201:  Chrome on Chrome (Bright Clear) 
  • ALL22202:  White on White
  • ALL22203:  Xtreme Red
  • ALL22204:  Red
  • ALL22209:  Red on Red
  • ALL22206:  Gloss Black
  • ALL22207:  Gloss Black/Gloss Black
  • ALL22208:  Flat Black
  • ALL22219:  Black on Black, Flat
  • ALL22210:  Shell Gray (Medium)
  • ALL22211:  Xtreme Green
  • ALL22212:  Pepsi Blue (Light)
  • ALL22213:  Chevron Blue (Medium)
  • ALL22205:  Chevron Blue on Chevron Blue (Medium)
  • ALL22214:  Heron Blue (Dark)
  • ALL22215:  Orange
  • ALL22244:  Vibrant Orange
  • ALL22216:  Yellow
  • ALL22218:  Yellow on Yellow
  • ALL22217:  Xtreme Purple
  • ALL22245:  Silver Metallic

*   Plain finish on both sides

** Bright clear on both sides (side with protective film has chrome appearance)