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VP Racing Fuels Lane Choice 5 Traction Compound
VP Racing Fuels Lane Choice 5 Traction Compound (case of 4)

VP Racing Fuels Lane Choice 5 Traction Compound

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VPs Lane Choice Traction Compound System represents the most advanced technology in traction. VPs system includes LC7, LC5 and Starting Line Resin (SLR), which work together to ensure your track will deliver optimum performance in any weather conditions.

VPs top performing compound is LC7, which is effective across the widest range of temperatures of any compound on the market. It delivers optimum performance with track temperatures from 30 Degree-150 Degree F.

LC5 is VPs version of the original formula for the old VHT traction compound. Its designed to be cut with methanol so a track can tailor it to its needs. A track doesn’t have to change its prep procedure when changing to LC5 from its previous traction compound. LC5 will deliver the same or better performance at a much better price.

The number of tracks using VPs system across the U.S. is growing each week for good reason. VPs traction compounds are easier to apply than other compounds, they cost less and you will get better performance!

More consistency: Because of its higher viscosity and overall toughness, Lane Choice traction compound performs much more consistently across a wider range of temperatures. Differences in a cars performance between daytime and night are substantially reduced, and Lane Choice is unaffected by humidity.

Better out of groove performance: Cars can get out of the groove and still get down the track without having to shut down.

Better starting line toughness: Tracks get fewer bald spots and they are less severe. Lane Choice does not ball up or roll over onto itself. As a result, cars routinely launch harder and tracks become faster.

Easier to apply: Lane Choice is packaged ready-to-spray. It requires no mixing, no mess and there is no need to remember mix ratios. It requires use of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals in spray equipment and may be diluted with methanol.

More cost effective: Lane Choice actually achieves better results than competing traction products while requiring application of less compound and requires no purchase of methanol for mixing.

VPs highly regarded Lane Choice 5 traction compound is now available in 1-Gallon containers. LC5 improves track performance in all weather conditions, maximizing traction for high performance cars regardless of weight or horsepower. It works effectively on all hard surfaces and the new 1GL container now makes application more convenient.

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