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Chili Bowl 2024

90racing was happy to attend the Chili Bowl.  We have a short video from the stands. Yes, it was smoky inside the Tulsa Expo Center!

We got a chuckle about the different forms of haulers for the midget teams! From the largest of toters and tractor trailers, to just loading the midget in the back of a pick-up truck!  That's just a few of the things that make the Chili Bowl interesting. Teams range from small to large, from budget to well funded.  It all works.  Much of the Chili Bowl comes down to luck.

Toter at Chili Bowl 2024

A resourceful team decided to haul their car in the bed of their pick-up truck!  We give this team a lot of credit for ingenuity!

Midget racecar in bed of pick-up truck

Sammy Swindell had some tires for sale.  One of the neat things about the Chili Bowl is the interaction between teams and fans.

Tire Blowout at Sammy Swindell pit (Chili Bowl 2024)

Not to be undone, there are even engines for sale!

Midget Engine for Sale at Chili Bowl

The pits are busy non-stop, from fans, team members and crew.

Busy pits at Chili Bowl 2024

This is a shot of Keith Kunz adjusting the shocks on the midget driven by Kyle Larson. 

Keith Kunz Adjusting Shocks for Kyle Larson at Chili Bowl 2024

Midgets on display waiting for their turn to qualify.

Midgets wait to qualify at Chili Bowl 2024

View from the stands.

View from the Grandstands at the Chili Bowl 2024

Grandstands are full! It's best to buy advance tickets, but you can also buy them at the track.  Many people, especially teams and crew, simply watch from the monitors inside the pits.

Grandstands are Full at the Chili Bowl 2024

Oklahoma was bitter cold this year!  The drive to and from the Chili Bowl was challenging for many travelers.

Oklahoma driving conditions in snow January 2024

We are already looking forward to next year's Chili Bowl which is scheduled for January 12-18, 2025. See you then!


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